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Informing Ape is a site created by six beasts who believe in consuming food with real character. That's food the way it was meant to be - thoughtfully produced, real food. The beasts are on a mission to make it fun and easy to live every day with a good food ethos 

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Hello Food Lovers! Meet the Crew

Spin the bottle

Lees brings a whole new meaning to spin the bottle! Learn how to chill wine quickly...

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What is: Gimlet

The gimlet is a classic cocktail of: 2 oz gin or vodka and 2 oz sweet lime juice

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End of summer- in season fruits and vegetables

Ah, the final days of summer are upon us! So this week at Informing Ape we’re closing out the season with a number of tasty ideas on how to soak up the end of summer Insatiable Beast style. Go shop for the best in season fruits and vegetables

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Food Comics


Bacon Jalapeno Infused Vodka
“What, you can't see? Well, that's because you are not a mole...or are you?”
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