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Skunk Punk

Franklin rescues beer from the dreaded skunk!!! To learn more about the 6 Most Common Beer Off-Flavors check out Franklin's tips.

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Informing Ape is a site created by six beasts who believe in consuming food with real character. That's food the way it was meant to be - thoughtfully produced, real food. The beasts are on a mission to make it fun and easy to live every day with a good food ethos 

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What is Jackfruit?

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Jackfruit is an exceptionally large fruit that can grow to 100 lbs and is nutritionally very high in protein, potassium and vitamin B.

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Good morning, Coffee Stout!

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Last week Téa brought up a trend in cocktails…..I call it the “uppers and downers” trend. It is the mix of craft caffeine and alcohol. I am not talking a Jack and Coke (although nothing wrong with that classic), I am talking tea/coffee with booze! With the craftsmanship happening in both camps, it was inevitable that this day would come.

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Cheers to Tea-Tails- Cocktails made with Tea!

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I am not a shrinking violet. But I have been playing polite in this collective. As you know, I am a tea and coffee lover, but that doesn’t mean that, my coffee or tea don’t cross into the spirits land. They do!!! My lovelies, let’s raise a glass to the current trend in cocktails, TEA!! Tea-Tails!

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Flavored Butters
“What, you can't see? Well, that's because you are not a mole...or are you?”
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