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Informing Ape is a site created by six beasts who believe in consuming food with real character. That's food the way it was meant to be - locally produced, organic food. The beasts are on a mission to make it fun and easy to live every day with a good food ethos. 

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Hello Food Lovers! Meet the Crew

What is: Scotch Egg

A once again popular British snack, Scotch egg is made up of rich yolky egg surrounded by breadcrumbed sausage meat and baked or fried. They are served either warm or cold depending on the venue be it a picnic or pub.

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4 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays Like a Cheesemonger

It is the holiday season time and I have shown my affection for it the past with my lyrical ramblings. This year, my Informing Ape friends requested a rendition of a typical holiday for me. I am oft told that I have many unique December rituals that perhaps, if you are a cheese-lover you may chose to incorporate into your own holiday traditions.

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What is: Turkish Coffee

Contrary to popular belief, Turkish coffee is actually a preparation of coffee versus a type of coffee. The preparation is a completely unfiltered coffee using finely ground coffee beans that are boiled with sugar and served in a cup where the grounds are allowed to settle.

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