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Informing Ape is a site created by six beasts who believe in consuming food with real character. That's food the way it was meant to be - locally produced, organic food. The beasts are on a mission to make it fun and easy to live every day with a good food ethos. 

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Hello Food Lovers! Meet the Crew

Quick Instant Pickle Recipe

It’s National Pickle Day! I’ve searched for why November 14 but I am unable to find out. My guess is it is finally cold enough that you would be searching to eat something green. Plus pickles rock.

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What is: Mate

Mate (aka Yerba Mate) is a traditional South American tea made from steeping dried leaves of yerba mate. (Pronounced Ma-Tay)

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Food Comics


How to Make: Beer Mustard
“What, you can't see? Well, that's because you are not a mole...or are you?”
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